Monday, May 11, 2009

New Place?

So I just got done checking out this little place. It was a pretty interesting experience..

When I first called the caretakers I thought I was talking to Roz from Monsters Inc. I had no idea what to say because I was expecting an introduction like,

"Hello, this is 25th Ave Apartments, how can we help you today?"

Instead it was more like,


In this grating, shriveled up smoker's voice. Then a long awkward silence then I gracefully responded with.


Anyway. The caretaker wasn't too bad. She seemed nice, and incredibly honest. Especially when it came to her thoughts on the owner. He was a dick apparently, who never fixed anything and lied to people about problems with the room. Mainly about the back studios, which ran around 420/month. The reason they were priced so low was because the roofs leaked. Apparently enough to make parts of the ceiling fall on top of you. I saw one of those apartments. Not pretty.

I also saw two others. Apartments 7 and 8. Those were my favorites. 7 was a big studio, towards the front of the building and 8 was a "one bedroom" right above it. I think I want 8. It was probably the nicest looking room there and only 550/month. All utilities included, AND I can steal internet from the coffee shop across the street. Plus its a month-to-month lease so if I really hate it, or the ceiling starts falling on me I can get the hell out.

After showing me around the different buildings she invited me into her apartment and she and her roommate/significant other/co-caretaker proceeded to tell me all about the building and how they had come to be the caretakers there. Apparently they evicted all the prostitutes and druggies when they started up six years ago and turned it into cheap housing for MCAD students and old couples. They pretty much run the place, because the owner couldn't care less about who lives there.

Overall I just got the impression that I could probably get them to lower rent if I got on their good side, since they're pretty much the ones deciding everything. Maybe if things work out with this place I'll bake them brownies every month and see what happens.

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