Friday, December 7, 2012

Working: Part I

So now that the year is sort of winding down I thought I'd do a bit of a recap, focusing on a few projects that I feel pretty dang lucky to be a part of the past few months.


Credits: Animation - Sean Hall, Brian Thompson (and myself) 
Color - Sue Lakso
Audio - Kent Militzer
Finish - Ryan Wheeler
Agency: Ferguson Advertising
Best One was a blast to do but posed some interesting challenges at the beginning. We had a lot of ground to cover with our little tire guy and only about 20 seconds to do it. In order to avoid just cutting to new locations we created transforming environments. It got us to the next location a lot quicker while adding visual interest to the spot.

Here are some of my early designs and sketches that got thrown into the mix. Sean took lead with the storyboards and shot planning while I dove into designing some of the elements that would make up our landscape. I was also able to take a crack at designing the two human characters that appear at the end of the spot. Brian came in a bit later, balancing the team out nicely with rigging, modeling and lighting. In the end I was able to help with a little bit of everything. It was definitely one of the biggest projects I've worked on and I LEARNED SO MUCH! I was proud that we were able show it off at the Minnesota Electronic Theater this year and I look forward to working on many more potential entries for next year. :)

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Ashley McLaughlin said...

This is awesome, Anna! Great job with the buildings, the style is solid all around. Love the characters too! Looks like it was a fun one to work on! ^_^