Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wonder Woman

Even superheroes need to stretch before they go out and kick some butts.

I actually really like Wonder Woman's redesign. I think it's way more functional than her old halter top/ granny panty combo. For this image I decided to play around with a cleaner style. It was way more time consuming than I anticipated but definitely worth it. I'm really happy with the finished piece!


J Lee Milliren said...

These look great! Love the way you draw wonder woman!

aPanda said...

I really like this!
I love her new outfit as well. Especially that coat. She feel a bit more badass, in that you wanna take her seriously now.
Ah! I know who she kinda reminds me of, Sonya Blade (in her outfit from MK9). Awesome!

mahu_ said...

I must say I'm much of a fan of her older outfit, but maybe this is because I had always loved her this way (especially in the Justice League).

Anyway, I think I'll reunite with her new style after seeing this, you have a nice way to depict her reboot outfit!