Thursday, November 19, 2009

Senior Year

I've been looking back on old sketchbooks and this is what I wrote in one of them:

Why don't we talk anymore?
I'm so terrified you'll forget me.
What if I don't improve?
Just because HE says it, doesn't mean it's right!
It's not right!
Sarcasm hurts more than you know!
Why did you say that?
I can't just sit around and watch it happen.
We're so divided, yet we come together and pretend we're whole.
Art means there's no drama.
Nerds are awesome.
Halloween needs to be everyday.
I get weird attachments to my pencils.
Why does fanart=1,000,000,000 page views?
I won't let you walk all over me ever again.
I LOVE being outside in the summer.
I <3 canoes.
What if I fail?
Sometimes I feel like a plant, I need sunlight to be happy!
I love being different.
Snow sucks. It's cold and wet.
I like water, lakes, rivers, streams, puddles.
I'm really pasty in the winter.
Granola is yummy.

It's just a weird collection of some thoughts I had back then. I guess the reason I'm posting this is because re-reading this definitely reminded me of some important things.

Some things worth remembering.

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