Friday, January 9, 2009

Work AH!

Something traditional. I just can't ditch those markers. :)

I got my work schedule last night and I'm not working at all this week. My first thought was, AH! BAD! THIS IS BAD! My second and third thoughts were kinda all along the same line. I knew things were going to slow down in January, but I guess it didn't really hit me until now. 
I think I might have screwed myself over this weekend. I was scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday, but I had my friend Conor's birthday in Duluth to go to. So I found someone to work and managed to get a ride up there. Throughout the holidays I had been finding other people to take my shifts so I could go do whatever... I don't know if my managers are seeing this and saying "well why should we schedule her if she's just going to give it to someone else?" or if its just January being January. I really hope its the second one.
On the bright side...
I suppose now I'll have time to finish up that bartending thing. I haven't been there in over three weeks now. I hope they let me back! And not having to work I can focus on school too. I start on the 12th.

I'm just gonna have to buckle down, hide my debit card and try and spend as little as possible in between now and when I manage to start working or find another job.


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Anna Eileen said...

Sorry your hours are sucky!Old Navy gave me 10 hours this week. That's less than half my normal hours. One girl from our store got 5. Here's hoping people go buy clothes they probably don't need, so we can get money!