Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello Life. You are kinda stressful.

Ok, maybe not that stressful. I'm just a whiner I think. Anyway. My weekend was filled with work. Which is good. I need the money. But still, it was The Gap and of course this weekend was incredibly busy because of some promotion we had. Ick. I'm super excited to see my next check though. I need the money bad. Planning on going to bartending school and that'll cost me. (But eventually pay off in the end I guess. Big tips?)

I'm also very tired of all the roommate drama that I've experienced over the past week. Someone giving someone else a bloody nose! OH NOES. (I'm lame.)

Because of that our living situation is changing. Its only a matter of time before things get better.

I'm also considering moving into a house with a friend. I'm supposed to decide by Friday... I don't really know what to do. I haven't seen the place yet so I really have no idea. Whateves. If this doesn't work out then I guess I'm just back to where I was before. No real plan at all. Next year should be interesting. Probably just get a studio apartment or something.

Meh. Just take it as it comes I guess.

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